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Where is your website traffic coming from?

If you’re relying on people to find you through a Google search, search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be at the top of your priority list.

You won’t be able to get sales if nobody can find you.

About 40% of searches on the Internet start with a search engine. What then happens when someone makes a search?

The top result on Google has about 34% of the chances of getting clicked.

That means if you’re not number one on the page, you just missed out on a fourth of potential traffic that should have come to you What’s even more terrible is that about 80% of  people won’t even click on the second page of

the search results.

The reason why most of the other sites have a higher ranking  than your site on Google is because they are making a conscious effort to improve their


Fortunately, it’s not too late for you to get started.

There are certain things you can do to increase your chances of getting ranked higher on Google searches.

I will tell you here about seven top ways to improve your SEO ranking. Here they are.


A slow-loading website is a huge problem and can harm your ranking in google

But a slow website will also impact the way your website visitors engage with your pages. And it also affects how long they remain on your site.

As a result, those negative interactions will hurt your ranking on Google.

Look at how the bounce rate or abandonment rate increases  for websites with long page loading times 

What is really a slow loading time?

Research has shown that 50% of visitors will abandon websites if the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

What’s even more disappointing is that 80% of those visitors might never return to that website. This is terrible for your SEO ranking because it ultimately kills traffic to your site.

But on the other  side, if your page loads fast, people will keep coming back to it Google’s algorithm will recognize your website’s speed and popularity and adjust your search ranking accordingly.

This makes it extremely important to optimize both your page speed and your server response time.

It is recommended that you check your website’s speed frequently. there are a lot of free website speed testing sites out there; examples are

Pingdom  and google page speed insight

These sites will allow you to test your website free from different locations all over the world


Pictures and other images are wonderful for your website. In fact, pictures summarize content and make it easier and more enjoyable to read. But you need to ensure they are optimized properly if you want these images to improve your SEO ranking.

The factors to look at here are the file format and size. Huge images can slow your page’s loading time, which, as I’ve said, hurts your ranking. Resize or compress your images to optimize them.

If you are using WordPress for your blog,it is advisable to use free image optimization WordPress plugins. This has the ability to automatically compress your images as you load them.

You can also use your images to sneak in keywords by naming them accordingly.For example, let’s say you have a website that sells sports shoes.Instead of naming an image something like “sports canvas,” you could name it “best sports canvas for basketball.”


Headings to summarize what a chapter is all about are another way to help improve the user experience on your website.They break up your content and make it easier to read or skim.

Plus, headers make everything look more appealing and easy to understand, which is always beneficial.If your website is just a wall of text, it’s going to discourage people from spending a long time on it.

As a result, your SEO ranking will be affected.

If you’re using a WordPress blog, you can easily change the header tags.

If you are not already doing this, it is highly recommended that you start doing so. 4. INSTALL A  WORDPRESS SITEMAP PLUGIN

This plugin is a very important plugin for WordPress sites. A sitemap usually helps search engines navigate your site and index all the content faster. The installation process is quite quick and simple, and the advantages of having this plugin cannot be overemphasized.


On-page SEO is very crucial to your success, so if you want to boost sales, then you must pay attention to on-page techniques. Here are a few of the reasons, briefly: On-page SEO has a way of making your site more user-friendly and easier for search engines to index your pages.This will increase your search ranking, There are several steps involved with on-page SEO,and they include

  • Creating unique and descriptive title tags
  • Writing descriptive and keyword-optimized alternative text for the images on your site
  • Optimizing headings with keywords and relevant descriptions
  • Linking site content with internal links and External links  to improve navigation and indexing
  • Writing clear and well-focused  meta descriptions for each of your contents  to improve visibility on a search engine results page and improve relevance 


When I started creating my websites and writing content for my blogs, I had no idea what SEO was all about. SEO optimization can sometimes be overwhelming for a new blogger. That is where SEO plugins can be of great help.There are a lot of SEO plugins out there.

For me, the WordPress Yoast SEO plugin is my number one ON-PAGE SEO plugin I can recommend.

It gets better There are free and paid versions.

The free version can get you most of what you need to start ranking on Google. It can help you get more visitors from Bing and Google, attract more visitors from social media, and increase your readers engagement.


Keeping an eye on your key performance indicators (KPIs) is very essential to boosting your SEO traffic and sales.

These indicators help you understand where your customers are coming from. It shows what specific changes you need to implement in order to increase your customer base through search engines and other traffic sources.

These KPIs include conversion rate, cost per acquisition, average order value, and shipping cart abandonment rate.

Focusing on these indicators helps you keep your business on track and improve your SEO ranking.


Thats my take on SEO tips for ecommerce sales. If you have any other tips,dont hesitate to drop your comments

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